Purple sprouting overload

broccoli soup

I’m trying to find as many things as I can to do with my purple sprouting broccoli so it doesn’t take over the world (it’s a bit like gremlins in that respect). I have even considered using them as props in a mini vegetable puppet show (not really! I may be mad, but I’m sane enough to eat my food and not play with it).

Graeme spotted a recipe for broccoli soup by Gordon Ramsay that looked good, but knowing him it would have half a pint of double cream and a pound of butter. I was surprised to see that it actually only contained broccoli, water and seasoning with a little goats cheese to garnish, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The result was a lovely coloured soup with a nice consistency but I felt it needed something more, a little garlic perhaps. The original recipe was for normal broccoli so that also may have made a difference. If you happen to try it and have any better luck let me know. Until then I’ll just keep trying to slip it into every meal to get rid of it.

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