The Final Showdown

Wedding cake

I have been talking about making this wedding cake for a while now but the time has come and gone and I have had time to relax after spending long hours in the kitchen baking, lining cake tins, icing and washing up and then transporting the cake to Stranraer from Coventry and then across the Irish sea when the weather wasn’t exactly clement.

Wedding cake

Even when the cake had survived all of those things it still had to be stacked, the gerberas applied and centres piped and then sit in a roasting warm room ready for the wedding party. Having said all that it turned out really well. The bride was very pleased with the result and the colours matched the bridesmaids dresses and flowers perfectly. The chocolate cake was moist and rich and the victoria sponge was soft and buttery and was enjoyed by everyone. This is only the second wedding cake I have made and I learn’t a few things making it. I will take this knowledge onto the next wedding cake, whenever that may be.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs McStravick, may their marriage be a long and happy one.

4 Responses to “The Final Showdown”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Oh wow Sarah - truly stunning. I bet she was happy! A wedding cake that both looks and tastes delicious is hard to find these days! Congratulations… I’m in awe!

  2. Natasha Says:

    Wow! It looks beautiful, and I bet it was tasty as well! Maybe I should get married again just to have you make me a cake :)

  3. Sarah Bell Says:

    Thanks guys, I was relieved that it went well. ;-)

  4. Rachel@fairycakeheaven Says:

    One word - AMAZING!!! You are damn talented girl!!!!!!

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