Pirate Birthday

Castle Birthday cake

I was given, well offered, the task of making a birthday cake for a little boy’s fourth birthday. I relished the task and, since it was a dragons and castles party, I started thinking about making a castle. Having made little effort to find something that I could get help and ideas from, I started baking. What a nightmare!!! The problem was that icing a tall round cake is very difficult and my icing leaves a lot to be desired anyway. In retrospect a square castle would have been distinctly less problematic.

Having spent hours trying to cover up and draw attention away from the crap bits I was finally reasonably satisfied with the result. Sadly on the way there I found out that the theme of the party had changed to pirates so the castle seemed a little out of place. Everyone seemed to like it, thankfully, which is a good job as they will probably be eating it for about a fortnight after I over estimated the amount needed to fill twenty hungry little mouths.

Harry as a pirate

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12 Responses to “Pirate Birthday”

  1. Graeme Says:

    It’s not a castle, it’s a pirate’s fort! Stick to your story!

  2. aforkfulofspaghetti Says:

    Wow! Lucky little lad!

  3. Deborah Says:

    Are you kidding me? That is spectacular!!!! To say the least! Wow! Can you ship a princess version in May???

  4. Sarah Bell Says:

    I could but I couldn’t guarantee how it would look once it arrived. ;-)

  5. Amelia Says:

    This cake is crazy man, it’s so cute! You’re great at decorating, don’t be too hard on yourself! :D

  6. Kieran Says:

    That’s brilliant! It looks like the little pirate is attacking you for another slice!

  7. Laura Says:

    You’re getting mighty good at this cake decorating lark! ( Love the new headshot btw!) Please don’t shoot me but I just have to say Aaaaaaarrrrr!!!

  8. Sarah Bell Says:

    Well someone had to say it, just glad it wasn’t me ;-) Thanks guys, it makes the hell I experienced making it all the more worth it!!

  9. Donal Says:

    Wow that cake looks amazing! Your photo’s are great too! GO YOU! :)

  10. michelle @ TNS Says:

    can i have one for my birthday?

  11. Sarah Bell Says:

    Yes you can, would u like a pink fluffy one?? ;-)

  12. Stuff yer bake » Blog Archive » Going a bit potty Says:

    […] book that I could get some inspiration from and also some hints and tips after my disaster with the castle cake. I have a habit of looking at instructions for things then ditching them and having a go at it […]

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