Sewing box cake

Sewing box cake

This is another cake that I made for someone in work. It was for their Grandmother’s 90th birthday and she apparently was very keen on knitting, sewing and cross stitch so I decided on a sewing box cake. The name is done in brush embroidery, which is a really nice effect where you pipe the required design and then take a very slightly damp paintbrush and drag the icing in. I am definitely getting better at the icing and having less mishaps which is good really as I’m doing my Cousin’s wedding cake in October!

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20 Responses to “Sewing box cake”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the detail and the handkerchief is just the cutest. Wow!

  2. Victoria Says:

    Wow, you’re so talented! I’d just die if someone made something like this for me. Where did you pick up your icing skills? I’d love to learn to make cute cake decorations

  3. Sarah Bell Says:

    Thanks guys,

    Victoria: I go to a cake decorating class so that’s where I learnt the basics but a good book should also give you some hints and tips and then it’s just practice really.

  4. Rachel@fairycakeheaven Says:

    Wow this is fantastic, your cakes just keep getting better and better!

  5. Tim Says:

    Of course I’m far too manly to admit to being impressed by a sewing kit cake (hah), but that is quite cool indeed. The attention to detail is amazing!

  6. Sarah Bell Says:

    Tim: haha you put on your gruff voice for that didn’t you?

  7. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    Love this cake! You did a fantastic job!

  8. Julia Says:

    This is so amazing! What did you make the box part out of? The colors are so spot on. Yikes! A wedding cake.. now you’re going big time. I can’t wait to see it.

  9. Sarah Bell Says:


    I made a rectangular cake and just covered it with icing, covered a thin cake board that I cut in half with icing and then just shoved a whole load of little bits and bobs to pad it out a bit. Simple eh! ;-)

  10. Y Says:

    What a cute cake. I know someone who would love something like that too, as she’s far from being 90! Love the tape measure and the button :)

  11. Rhyleysgranny Says:

    That is not a cake it’s a work of art. Absolutely amazing. You have a great gift
    Nice to see another Northern Ireland blogger :)

  12. Rhyleysgranny Says:

    I forgot to say I love the name of your Blog :):):)

  13. Kristen Says:

    I am beyond impressed!!!

  14. Liliana Says:

    What a wonderful cake to receive for a birthday! You did an amazing job.

  15. Kitchen Goddess Says:

    That cake is just amazing, you’re so talented.

  16. Clumbsy Cookie Says:

    This is amazing! How talented! This cakes are not only beautiful but allways make the recipients fell so special!

  17. Lore Says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I’ll be writing my monthly “10 Original Food Photos” post in a week or so and I would very much like to include this photo of your terrific sewing box cake with a link back to this post. Would that be ok with you?
    Please let me know,

  18. Lee Says:

    Ilove your cake, its fantastic. I am also an norn-iron person. I dabble a bit with cakes but am desperate to find a class in N Ireland to expand. Where did/do you go to?

  19. Sarah Bell Says:


    I actually live in England so I did it here but if you get information on adult education establishments in Northern Ireland they might run a class you can go to.

  20. Anamika: The Sugarcrafter Says:

    Hi Sarah
    Through Lore’s blog and i hopped on your and what a lovely surprise ! Your craftwork is amazing, neat with a beautiful visual appeal. Good to know you and greetings !

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